Social Capital

Jack Reeding’s Wood – a hole in the ground

Social Capital in the Social Age

How does social capital relate to me and/ or my organisation is the next question from Julian Stodd’s Foundations of the Social Age MOOC. This definition of social capital is “the ability to survive and thrive on the social age”.


There are communities that are now closed to me because I have left that organisation. Useful conversations now lost echoes behind a firewall. The enterprise level – control and maintain – organisation that aspires to social age benefits, excluding by design.

No knowledge passporting.

Unless I copy-and-paste in readiness of exit? A grab-bag second guessing what could be useful. An inefficient exercise of just in case, a deposit in Evernote or WordPress blog reflection for working out loud.

Social Capital

Social capital is (incompletely) built by the individual. And I still find more social capital in the communities around MOOCs. However, this is a loose temporary affiliation around the subject of the day.

I still feel a bias for creating artefacts inside and outside organisations.

An enlightenment throw-back to collect them all in one place as evidence of your holistic learning. Easy substitutes on the social media of your choice, rather than the dialogue of the social community, where the social leadership nudges and you look for belonging.

Permanence reprise

So for a time of prototypes and “good enough” how much digital legacy do you need for authenticity in the social age? If I am exploring the edges of my learning, it isn’t going to be as a subject matter expert.

And if I am not inclined to create a digital artefact, or post for posterity because I take it down at a later date, this also erodes any transfer of social capital. I also tend to try out different social media, so my activity ebbs and flows.

That’s a big overhead of introducing and inventing yourself.



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