Nature of Work

Design1o1 – learning by doing

My Nature of Work

My nature of work, as in what I do, has not really changed. No more than changes to job titles, I build upon and draw upon my skills and experience. However, the tools and technology has varied to add a messiness that people and organisations struggle with.


Readiness for a new nature of work is more about my “not work” and how that this blends with the day job. The image above is from the Design1o1 community – digital and social online and offline – a great community I am part of.

This post isn’t the one reflecting on the Design1o1 experience, but having an open mindset for learning and engagement in this new nature of work. Yes, hands-up for a sense of entitlement that skills are learnable and specialism isn’t a gated.

A more collaborative space and making different connections.

Chance encounters

Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies and Dave Cormier rhizomatic learning.

Not all that glitters is digital (or social) gold. These two examples from the day job were offline exchanges in local government a couple of years ago. 

The use of Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt’s Oblique Strategies – a set of cards with enigmatic statements (used to break a creative bloke) – by an Environmental Heath officer. And a reciprocal discussion about rhizomatic learning with an officer who worked in Estates.

It’s about a connection with another person.


Blend at different times a range of elements and dive deep when the need or mood takes you. The new nature of Work is incomplete and that is the point. The messiness is good enough, and digital and social doesn’t always mean online.

A route to engagement is to listen – and what other people have in their drawer.

Use fewer notes” [my Oblique Strategies card now – yes that’s good].


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