The Social Contract (Again)


More on the Social Contract

I have now broken this into two (edited) posts and as I work out loud on this question from Foundation of Social Age MOOC – what does the social contract mean in the Social Age?

Part one was the question and this part was the distraction.

Re-imaging Value

Re-imaging Value: Insights from the Care Economy, Commons, Cyberspace and Nature was a timely distraction c/o John Thackara:

Value – synonymous with price, monetized and exchanged in simplified duality (employer/ employee)

values – the moral realm of social, moral, well-being and ecological beyond the market

Value held by the organisation, neutral and tradeable functional utility. Even more asymmetrical when economic Value is dominant. You wait to be employed to do the same job you did before.

Whereas, values are part of the messy complexity of being human. Your well-being and resilience, (life long) learning and aspiration. Plus also, the disaggregation of functional utility (off)loaded onto the individual with short term contracts and no development.

Relational value

Re-imaging Value looks towards a relational theory of value. Value as an event. One that emerges from a process and with social significance. Taking explicit account of care work, social collaboration on digital platforms, ecological stewardship and relations.

However, peer production requires high levels of skill to be able to be in a position to earn enough and contribute to the community. Trust set-down for the future when perhaps it is no more a layer of experiment, or the labour of maintaining a faux effort.


So is the Social Age reciprocal?

If communities in the Social Age are enacted again and again, then you run alongside the employer – stick and hoop – to sustain your own capability and trying not to wobble.


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