The Social Contract


What does the Social Contract mean to you?

I was thinking about asymmetrical learning – like this Foundation of Social Age MOOC from Julian Stodd – communities and portfolio careers.

However, the fun of jumping down a hole (a familiar trope) is working out loud on your curiosity.

Social Contract

My expectations of a (work) social contract are low. A legal contract affords me some protection and certainty, but no more than a measure of time and money.

I was thinking this wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. A social contract is evidence of my capability and potential to move from one team or organisation to another.

If I enter into it voluntarily, and if it is built on mutual trust, respect and fairness then why wouldn’t I make a contribution. It is my added value.

It’s going to be reciprocal… Isn’t it?

Same words, different age

You consent to give up some freedom for security and political control. I was thinking briefly about the Enlightenment model of the social contract (Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau).

So what am I giving up in the Social Age?

Is the social (age) contract a protective wrapper for owning my learning and development. Displaced onto individuals by organisations still retaining specialisms and gateway control for progression.

Who is looking out for you?

A challenge outside the organisation is who exactly is looking out for your future?

So can you make-up a learning and opportunity shortfall within the communities of the Social Age?

With social media permeating our mindset of how we create value, collapsing work and life spheres. And a personal brand that needs enacting, again and again.

The set-up for part two…

So is the Social Age reciprocal?

If mutual trust is held alongside organisations by communities for the future, then the most obvious answer is that you don’t know until you get there (or need to draw upon it)…



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