Foundations of the Social Age


Your Social Age challenge

Another MOOC – Foundations of the Social Age – and a decision about what social media to use while working out loud.


How to build authenticity? Is it possible to have a credible voice without a social media legacy to draw upon. When a new community looks for validity in a social age.

Do you weave a new thread into an existing domain? Curate at the leading edge of this latest learning to provide some initial social capital.

Or start with a blank page, post, link and not worry about a legacy? Drop some #hashtag breadcrumbs where you can find some activity.

Social capital

Start with a little social capital, because you put something out there, and be sure to comment twice as much to solicit the attention of the emerging community.

Have some resilience, be ready to adapt and have the ability to survive in the most fertile social space. Learn what you need to learn from others.

Foundations of the Social Age

This MOOC is on a learning platform – Curatr – new to me from HT2 Labs. So there is some gamification and XP points to earn, a social learning platform and a new community.

I haven’t played with WordPress for a while – too much like a broadcast into the digital ether – so I’m going to combine it with this learning and some probable work horizons.


2 thoughts on “Foundations of the Social Age

  1. Great reflections David, thanks for being such a supportive and active part of the MOOC. Let me know if i can help you get the most out of it in any way. Best wishes, Julian


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